Production Process Automation (PPA) by 2pi Systems Private Limited, is an end-to-end Low Cost Process Automation solution for MSME Processing Industry. This has been brought in association with the leading stake holders in the Indian industry.

Salient Features include:

  • End-To-End traceability
  • Process Quality Requirements
  • Anywhere/Anytime access to Process Control & Status
  • Low Cost Solution
  • API Integrations to GST/ewayBill/Accounting Systems
  • IOT based Data collection


Cloud Based Manufacturing Automation System for MSME Process Industries.

Our's is a Cloud Based Manufacturing Automation System purpose built for MSME Process Industries. It incorporates Industry Specific Customizations and Reporting. It is built keeping in mind from the level of Shop Floor Worker Usage. It also involves capturing of Process Parameters using hand held devices. Using Industrial IOT, it can collect information from Machines, Weighment Systems etc.

An Effective & Complete Solution for Production Process Control & Monitoring

A cloud based Production Process Control & Monitoring Solution for MSME insutry. The major features are:

  • Traceability
  • ISO/IATF Data Compliance Requirement
  • Process Control & Records
  • Costing & Waste Management
  • Online Process Status
  • Process Quality Alerts
  • Capture of Data from Raw Material PO to Invoicing


Some of the major advantages of our solutions are:

  • Visual Display of Process Status at Workplace.
  • Elimination of Paper Records.
  • Elimination of Supervisory Functions.
  • Post Covid-19, Allows more than 50% of the workforce to operate remotely/WFH.
  • No user based pricing., Unlimited Users*


  • Specific Vertical Based Solution customized to each line of manufacturing like Rubber, Plastic, Metal Processing etc., Not a generic solution!!!
  • Concentrates only on Production Process Automation core to business and not other activities like HR, Finance, Logistics etc
  • Caters to layman type manpower used in MSME Industries

About Us

2pi Systems Private Limited, is an Information Technology Solutions company based out of Chennai, India. We are a group of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in both Component Manufacturing and Providing IT Solutions. We have created an Production Process Automation (PPA) Technology Platform that has various components and offerings for MSME Process Manufacturering in association with the leading stake holders in the Indian industry.

We want to be the One Stop Solution Provider for MSME Process Industries. Our target market segment and customers include:

  • Tier-2 / Tier-3 Suppliers to Various OEM’s Including Automobile/Battery/Electric Appliances/Electronic Equipments
  • Rubber/Plastic/Metal Component Manufacturers
  • Rubber/Plastic Hose Manufacturers
  • Rubber Belt Manufacturers

Contact Us

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1-159, Thulukkathamman Koil Street, OFF ECR Road, Kottivakkam, Chennai 600041

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